GHC API: How to determine Type.Type equality when using type operators?

Christiaan Baaij christiaan.baaij at
Mon Jul 6 10:37:08 EDT 2009

> I believe that you are asking about type functions.  Specifically, I  
> think what you are asking is this:
> How can I normalise a type, by rewriting it exhaustively using
> the top-level type-function definitions

That is indeed a better formulation of my original question

> I think the function TcTyFuns.tcNormaliseFamInst (rather an odd  
> name!) does this.  But it's not very helpful to you because it's in  
> the main typechecker monad.

At the moment it is not such a big problem that it is in the typechecker
monad, as we run some parts of our compiler in a GHC Monad, and can thus
initialize a typechecker monad with the function TcRnMonad.initTc.

However, at the moment I can't get to normalise the types as far as I
had hoped. Here is an example of my debug output:

Before normalisation:
Types.Data.Num.Ops.:*: Types.Data.Num.Decimal.Literals.D3

After normalisation:
    Types.Data.Num.Ops.:. Types.Data.Num.Decimal.Digits.Dec4)
Types.Data.Num.Ops.:*: Types.Data.Num.Decimal.Digits.Dec

So, currently I can normalize the synonyms D4 and D3, but I can't
normalize the type function :*:. Maybe it has something to do with how I
load the module and its dependencies. Below is the code that I use to
normalize a type-level integer from the tfp library, I hope it's not too
much to read.

normalise_tfp_int :: Type.Type -> Type.Type
normalise_tfp_int ty =
   unsafeRunGhc $ do
     -- Automatically import modules for any fully qualified identifiers
     setDynFlag DynFlags.Opt_ImplicitImportQualified
     let modules = map GHC.mkModuleName ["Types.Data.Num"]
     nty <- normaliseType modules ty
     return nty

normaliseType ::
   -> Type.Type
   -> GHC.Ghc Type.Type
normaliseType modules ty = do
   env <- GHC.getSession
   nty <- HscTypes.ioMsgMaybe $ MonadUtils.liftIO $
     -- Initialize the typechecker monad
     TcRnMonad.initTcPrintErrors env PrelNames.iNTERACTIVE $ do
       mapM importModule modules
       -- Normalize the type
       (_, nty) <- TcTyFuns.tcNormaliseFamInst ty
       return nty
   return nty

importModule :: Module.ModuleName -> TcRnTypes.RnM ()
importModule mod = do
   let reason = Outputable.text "Hardcoded import"
   let pkg = Nothing
   -- Load the interface.
   iface <- LoadIface.loadSrcInterface reason mod False pkg
   let deps = HscTypes.mi_deps iface
   let orphs = HscTypes.dep_orphs deps
   let finsts = HscTypes.dep_finsts deps
   -- Load the dependencies and family instances
   LoadIface.loadOrphanModules orphs False
   LoadIface.loadOrphanModules finsts True

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