[reactive] Re: black hole detection and concurrency

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Sun Jan 4 19:40:38 EST 2009

therefore mapException is equally buggy!

> mapException :: (Exception e1, Exception e2) => (e1 -> e2) -> a -> a
> mapException f v = unsafePerformIO (catch (evaluate v)
>                                           (\x -> throw (f x)))

If it maps an asynchronous exception.. and it's re-thrown as 
synchronous... the same non-resumability happens! 
mapException is a particular culprit because of the 
unsafePerformIO (so you had a good reason to expect 
resumability, since it's for a pure computation, not in IO)

- does anyone use mapException?

- is there some reason that we don't have all "throw"s 
(synch. or asynch.) "patch up" the thunks?  (memory leaks or 
serious inefficiency or something?)

if "yes", I don't think mapException can currently be 
implemented; we'd need some way in its "catch" to detect 
whether the thrown exception was asynchronous, and *iff* so, 
throw the new exception asynchronously (if synchronous, 
rethrow synchronously).  Or some equivalent.  Or maybe some 
add some magic to unsafePerformIO (probably a bad idea).


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