./T and ./T >& log

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 06:16:12 EST 2009

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
> On 2009 Feb 20, at 4:38, Serge D. Mechveliani wrote:
>> The first command outputs
>>  ---------------------------------
>>    t =  ((a : nil) + (b : nil))
>>  Bug:
>>  substitute {(X, a), (Xs, nil), (Ys, (b : nil))} X:
>>  sort mismatch in substitution
>>  ---------------------------------
>> And the second command skips (in  ./log) the line of   t = ...
>> Who can tell what is the matter?
> The ghc runtime doesn't flush stdout when an exception stops the 
> program.  This is arguably a bug in the runtime; if you set stdout to 
> line buffering or no buffering you should get pretty much the same 
> output from both.  (It's still possible for buffering to cause lines to 
> come out in a different order, so you might prefer unbuffered).

stdout should be flushed when the program exits, regardless of whether it 
exits as a result of a clean exit or an exception.  I've just checked the 
code, and that's certainly what is supposed to happen.  If anyone has 
evidence to the contrary, please submit a bug report!


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