Building GHC on Windows

Felix Martini fmartini at
Sat Feb 21 18:40:46 EST 2009

Sigbjorn Finne:
> It works fine, but be mindful of how 'git' handles crlf translations on
> Windows.
> Having run into this a couple of times, it certainly looks the likely cause.
> Felix
> may want to try cloning as follows:
>  foo$ git config --global core.autocrlf false
>  foo$ git clone

Unfortunately i cannot change the global autocrlf flag because of
other projects. I edited the sync-all script to fix the problem, but
is good to know that line conversions may be the cause. It would be
nice if sync-all (and other scripts) were written in portable Perl.
Perl runs well on Windows whereas msys is brittle.


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