my experience with ghci debugger extensions

Peter Hercek phercek at
Tue Feb 17 18:23:24 EST 2009

Pepe Iborra wrote:
> - Regarding your :logLocal, you should rename it to :stepLocal, open a
> ticket, and attach your patch. We should really try to get this into
> 6.10.2.
Ach, I missed I'm supposed to do this first time I read the message. 
I'll get to it at worst during this weekend.

> Finallly, please do not forget to add a link to this in the GHCi
> Debugger wiki page at
> and/or at the debugging page at
Ok, I found a note in HWN that Ashley Yakeley can create a wiki account. 
He kindly did it for me so I updated the second page.

Also there does not seem to be a demand for ghciext package so I'm not 
going to advertise it any more but I'll keep the latest version here (if 
anybody would be interested):


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