:info features

Remi Turk rturk at science.uva.nl
Fri Feb 6 10:01:38 EST 2009

On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 12:35:43PM +0100, Peter Hercek wrote:
> Remi Turk wrote:
>> SPJ agreed with the idea itself, but suggested an alternative set of commands:
>>    :info Show        -- See class definition only
>>    :instances Show   -- See instances of Show
> Hi Remi,
> If you do not want to wait till this is implemented you can do it  
> yourself using ghci scripting.

Thank you Peter, but in this case it won't be of much help:
I am already running a patched GHCi:
But I may use it for something else later, so thanks anyway!

Cheers, Remi

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