GHC.Prim.ByteArray# - confusing documentation

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Wed Dec 30 05:44:54 EST 2009

On 24/12/09 23:18, Antoine Latter wrote:
> Folks,
> I found some of the documentation in GHC.Prim confusing - so I thought
> I'd share. The documentation for the ByteArray# type[1] explains
> that's it's a raw region in memory that also remembers it's size.
> Consequently I expected sizeOfByteArray# to return the same number
> that I passed in to newByteArray#. But it doesn't - It returned
> however much it decided to allocate, which on my platform is always a
> multiple of four bytes.
> This is something which could be clarified in the documentation.

Thanks, I'll fix the docs.


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