Initial ghc-6.12 + hackage build results

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon Dec 14 06:38:40 EST 2009


I've tried building 1324 out of the ~1700 packages from hackage using
ghc-6.10.4 and ghc-6.12.0. This is the subset of packages that I could
build in one go.

Compared to the subset that I could build with ghc-6.10.4, I had to
chuck out 125 packages because their build dependency constraints
precluded them from building with ghc-6.12.

Of the remaining 1324 packages, 113 packages that built OK previously
now do not build.

Amongst that 113, the ones that cause most knock-on failures are:

packedstring fails because it needs base 4, but only says
"build-depends: base", so cabal uses its compatibility tricks and builds
it against base 3. It should specify "build-depends: base == 4.*".

I need to investigate MissingH further. It failed because a dependency
of its non-buildable test program was not found. That should not have
been a problem.

syb-with-class has type errors, I'm guessing due to changes in
template-haskell package

uvector does not compile because of the changes in GHC's Handle

stringtable-atom now fails with a type error for reasons I don't quite
    Occurs check: cannot construct the infinite type: a = (Int, a)
    When generalising the type(s) for `findMax'
Perhaps some change in a containers function?

bindings-common and c2hs fail because the CLDouble FFI type has been

binary-strict fails because the export of Control.Applicative.many now
clashes with a local definition.

base64-string fails because it sets -Werror in it's .cabal file (a
practise which has been banned for some time for just this reason).

Of the remaining 113:

2 failed at the configure step:
MissingH-  -- this needs investigation, I smell a cabal bug

52 failed at the build step (including those singled out above):
ArrayRef-	-- ghc Handle changes
Boolean-0.0.0		-- name clash with Control.Applicative.<*
CCA-0.1.1		-- TH changes, missing Lift instances
ChasingBottoms-1.2.4	-- name clash with Data.Sequence.partition
ChristmasTree-0.1.2	-- TH changes (Name vs TyVarBndr)
HCodecs-0.1		-- Data.Array.Diff disappeared 
HList-0.2		-- change in GADT syntax (context)
MonadLab-0.0.2		-- Some API change, not immediately obvious
base64-string-0.1	-- described above
binary-strict-0.4.6	-- described above
bindings-common-1.3.4	-- described above
bindings-gsl-	-- CLDouble
bloomfilter-1.2.6	-- declaration of a type or class operator `:*'
bytestringparser-0.3	-- -Werror
c2hs-0.16.0		-- CLDouble
cabal2arch-0.6		-- Cabal API changes
cabal2doap-0.2		-- Cabal API changes
compact-map-2008.11.9	-- GHC Handle changes
conjure-0.1		-- Data.Array.Diff disappeared
flock-0.1		-- -Werror fail
gtk2hs-cast-gtk- type error, not immediately obvious
hask-home-2009.3.18	-- Cabal lib API changes
hgalib-0.2		-- Data.Array.Diff disappeared
hircules-0.3.92		-- ambiguity GHC.IO.liftIO vs C.M.State.liftIO
hnop-0.1		-- -Werror fail
hommage-0.0.5		-- GHC.IO changes
hxt-filter-8.3.0	-- name clash System.IO.utf8 and local name
ideas-0.5.8		-- A pattern match on a GADT requires -XGADT
ieee-0.6		-- CLDouble
ivor-0.1.9		-- 'rec' now a keyword
loch-0.2		-- -Werror fail
nano-hmac-0.2.0		-- -Werror fail
nanocurses-1.5.2	-- package specifies non-existant config.h (which used
to accidentally pick up ghc's config.h) this happens because the package
needs to run ./configure but does not say so.
network-fancy-0.1.4	-- GHC Handle changes
pkggraph-0.1		-- Cabal lib API changes
plugins-1.4.1		-- Cabal lib API changes
posix-realtime-	-- type of internal IOError constructor
printf-mauke-0.3	-- CLDouble
pugs-HsSyck-0.41	-- mdo syntax removed?
random-fu-0.0.3		-- type error, not immediately obvious
rdtsc-1.1.1		-- -Werror fail
repr-0.3.1		-- same as random-fu
safe-lazy-io-0.1	-- GHC Handle changes
sendfile-0.5		-- GHC Handle changes
sessions-2008.7.18	-- needs -XTypeOperators
stringtable-atom-0.0.6	-- described above
syb-with-class-0.5.1	-- described above
type-settheory-0.1.2	-- TH lib API changes
uu-parsinglib-2.3.0	-- scoped type var changes?
uuagc-0.9.12		-- 'rec' now a keyword
uvector-		-- GHC Handle changes
word24-0.1.0		-- Not in scope: `divZeroError'

The remaining 59 are knock-on failures, ie packages that depended on one
of the failed packages.


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