Porting to DragonFly BSD

Goetz Isenmann info at goetz-isenmann.de
Fri Dec 4 16:49:03 EST 2009

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 08:38:35PM +0200, Aycan iRiCAN wrote:
> Sorry, are there any advancements in dragonflybsd port of ghc?

I am still using the patches and the errno access wrapper, that were
attached to my last message.

If you need a bootstrap compiler, you can download
http://www.goetz-isenmann.de/dfly/ghc-6.10.4-dfly-5.tar.bz2, extract
this into /var/tmp, download
http://www.goetz-isenmann.de/dfly/liberrno_ptr.so, and put this into

Have not noticed any problems with this configuration so far.
And since this works for me, I currently prefer to learn haskell.

As time permits, I also like (a) to read about the upcoming ghc shared
library support, (b) to read the tls documentation, and (c) to get
something into pkgsrc, that will give use a working ghc for dragonfly
But I fear, that this will not happen during the next few weeks.

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