Build error in users guide in HEAD of today

Christiaan Baaij christiaan.baaij at
Fri Aug 21 09:07:06 EDT 2009


I had the same problem. I'm using the dblatex (version 0.2.10) from  
macports (on OS X 10.5.7), which isn't the latest version of dblatex.  
Also I'm using the MacTex 2008 Tex distribution, but I have no idea  
what the particular versions of the url or hyperref package are.  
Anyhow, I solved this particular problem by changing the style sheets  
in my dblatex install. I found them under: /usr/local/share/dblatex/xsl

In the 'url.xsl' stylesheet I replaced the nolinkurl template with the  

<xsl:template name="nolinkurl">
   <xsl:param name="url" select="@url"/>
   <xsl:call-template name="scape-encode">
     <xsl:with-param name="string">
       <xsl:call-template name="scape-replace">
         <xsl:with-param name="string" select="$url"/>
         <xsl:with-param name="from" select="'\'"/>
         <xsl:with-param name="to" select="'\\'"/>

So yeah, basically it is a mechanization of your manual solution.  
Maybe you should bring this up with the dblatex folks? They have this  
bug report on it [1], but the appearently they could not reproduce it  
with 0.2.11. I can't verify if it is indeed solved with 0.2.11 and  
onwards, and have no intention of doing so as I'm satisfied with my  
current solution. Hope this helps you for now.




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