Plans for GHC 6.12.1: release candidate 14 September 2009

Peter Hercek phercek at
Wed Aug 19 05:15:31 EDT 2009

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> We are aiming to have the first release candidate out on the 14th
> September 2009.
> Until then, we plan to focus on the bugs in the 6.12.1 milestone, marked
> high priority; they are listed here:
> If there is a bug not in that list that is important to you, please let
> us know.

Could you please merge ticket #3084: allow macros to redefine builtin 
GHCi commands

It was agreed for 6.12.1 and the solution is attached. The solution did 
not result in any merge conflicts when I updated ghc.head a week ago. It 
did not cause any new errors in the validate script. I use it locally 
from the time the ticket was opened and I'm not aware of any problems.

You might also consider ticket #3434: improve vi tags (add non-exported 
symbols, add tag kinds, add regex tags)

There is a link to the solution from the ticket but this one is not 
approved. It does not result in any new errors in the validate script. 
But the solution may have impact on emacs tag generation and I tested 
the tags for emacs only in vim (vim recognizes them too).


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