What would be required to make a LLVM backend for GHC

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Aug 8 03:47:23 EDT 2009

> Hi all,
> I've been talking to one of the LLVM developers, who's working on an  
> operating system called AuroraUX, which, among other things, is trying  
> to use LLVM as much as possible in the system (using clang as the  
> default compiler, compiler-rt [libgcc replacement from the LLVM team],  
> etc.).
> He would like to know exactly what would need to be implemented in LLVM 
> to allow ghc to be ported to LLVM, and he would do his best to get these 
> features implemented. I know the LLVM guys are quite open to  
> suggestions, and want to get people using it as much as possible, so if 
> we can let them know what we need, hopefully they can help make life 
> easier for us.

There's  a project underway at UNSW to add an LLVM backend to GHC. You
should talk to them :-)

-- Don

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