What is the mutator?

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 16:43:07 EDT 2009

2009/08/07 Malcolm Wallace <malcolm.wallace at cs.york.ac.uk>:
> There have been several papers on real-time GC in Haskell
> (including one of my own). There is no technical problem, only
> performance worries. This is what I think Simon means by
> "unlikely to be practical".

  So I guess there is no "right answer" here -- a realistic
  solution would offer two GC options, maybe set by an option to
  the RTS or on a per-thread level.

  I guess your work was specifically on garbage collection of
  functional languages in embedded systems?

    An incremental garbage collector for embedded real-time systems

  Also there is the "Non-stop Haskell" paper.

    Non-stop Haskell

  Both of these papers are from some time ago; the most recent
  thing I can find is:

    Exploring the Barrier to Entry - Incremental Generational Garbage
Collection for Haskell

Jason Dusek

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