Multicore Haskell user experiences

Scott Michel at
Wed Apr 29 13:27:59 EDT 2009

[Sorry if this is the wrong place to hold this discussion... I'll move
it if told to do so...]

Simon P-J (et. al.) did recently publish a paper on making the Haskell
runtime more multicore friendly, addressing the GC issue (among many

More broadly, though, there are two opportunities for multicore
Haskell presentations:

a) An IEEE conference in Pasedena, CA, July 19-21. The major theme is
multicore in space (if you're familiar with OPERA/MAESTRO), but as a
one of the conference-within-a-conference organizers, I'm interested
in multicore programmability. Work on runtime environments, new
language features, good-bad-and-ugly experiences, and "hard technical
topics" are welcome. Looking for one or two presentations for this.

b) Supercomputing '09 in Portland, OR next November. Focus here is
primarily on user experience programming multicore with up-and-coming

Any suggestions or presentation pitches are welcome.


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 3:01 AM, Johannes Waldmann
<waldmann at> wrote:
>> PS: Anyone got a multicore Haskell experience they want to share at
>> Supercomputing this year? The guys from Galois did a great job
>> shocking the audience last year.
> well, this is my shocking experience:
> where of course the conclusion is that parallelism
> does not work "out of the box". No surprise?
> While I completely would buy this statement for Java, C# etc
> I hoped it was different for Haskell.
> I don't want to rewrite my programs to make them less depend on GC.
> Sure it could be done but then I could use Java from the start.
> J.W.

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