Some suggestion for "mutually recursive modules" problem.

Isaac Dupree ml at
Sun Apr 26 13:39:24 EDT 2009

Andy Stewart wrote:
> Now GHC use .hs-boot fix "mutually recursive modules" problem, yes it
> can work, but it not pretty.
> So GHC can fix this problem automatically at next release version?

Please add yourself (that is, your e-mail address) to the "cc:" on the 
corresponding bug-report, if you want to vote for this feature:
(you can login as user "guest", password "guest")

If enough people do this, then GHC HQ might start to believe that it's an 
important feature.  (Right now they/we seem to think it's a little absurd... 
probably because it would require some implementation/design work in GHC...)


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