[Haskell-cafe] HPong-0.1.2 fails to compile in Debian ghc 6.10.1

Ahn, Ki Yung kyagrd at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 16:46:38 EDT 2009

John Goerzen wrote:
> Ahn, Ki Yung wrote:
>> I don't know the exact reason but this should not fail since I have 
>> Debian packaged ghc 6.10.1 and OpenGL- on my system.
>> I think this is because the filename of the OpenGL shared library is 
>> /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 rather than libGL.so.  This is why we have two 
> No.  Do not manually create the symlink.  It sounds like you don't have
> the -dev packages for OpenGL installed.  You should install them and
> then you should be OK.

I do already have the dev package libgl1-mesa-dev installed.

Stunning fact is that in "installed file" section I see from Synaptic 
package manager shows that I should have /usr/lib/libGL.so installed, 
but in reality I don't.  I even just tried re-installing libgl1-mesa-dev 
debian package but I still don't get /usr/lib/libGL.so !!!

It's just seems to the bug of libgl1-mesa-dev 7.4-2 packaging.  It 
doesn't seem to make the symbolic link which it claims to make.  Duh ...

@ So, for now, I should make the symbolic link myself anyway.

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