6.10.3 plans

Sigbjorn Finne sof at galois.com
Wed Apr 22 21:55:33 EDT 2009

Hi Ian,

thanks for the update on plans and the willingness to jump in and do another
release cycle so soon after 6.10.2. The suggested fixes seem agreeable to
me, but I have one _minor_ additional request for 6.10.3 if you end having
to rebuild 'base' -- add a DEPRECATED (or some such) to
Foreign.ForeignPtr.{newForeignPtr,addForeignPtrFinalizer} to indicate
that the operational behaviour of these have changed.

Small change, but could be helpful to package users&authors when migrating
beyond 6.10.1


On 4/22/2009 16:56, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> Hi all,
> Due to some problems with the handling of ^C in ghci, we are planning to
> do a 6.10.3 release.
> The idea is that, rather than being a full-blown release process,
> including all the various fixes that have been made since 6.10.2, we
> will only do what is necessary to resolve the ^C issue. By keeping the
> changes to a minimum, we will minimise the amount of testing,
> release-note writing, etc that is necessary.
> An exception to this rule is that we will probably also rebundle time in
> the bindists, as that has little chance of breaking anything else.
> There are actually two problems with ^C. One is due to the changes in
> the signal handling in ghci, and we will fix that. The other is that, on
> some platforms (including x86/Linux), the interaction between editline
> and GHC means that pressing ^C causes a segfault. Given all the other
> issues that people have had with editline, we plan to use haskeline in
> 6.10.3 instead. We already planned to do this for 6.12, but we think
> that it makes sense to do it sooner rather than later. The plan is:
> * Add haskeline and deps as boot packages
> * Move the interactive modules from the ghc package to the ghc-bin
>   package. This means that the ghc package will not depend on the new
>   boot packages, so there will not be any problems with upgrading them.
> Any comments?
> Thanks
> Ian
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