No "last core parallel slowdown" on OS X

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Tue Apr 21 05:15:06 EDT 2009

2009/4/21 Don Stewart <dons at>:

> Little advice and tidbits are creeping out of Simon's head.
> Is it time for a parallel performance wiki, where every question that
> becomes an FAQ gets documented live?
> Maybe put details on the wiki so we can grow a large FAQ to capture this
> "oral tradition".

Absolutely.  One reservation I have is that advice is likely to go out
of date quite quickly; for example I'm planning to change the RTS
options again before we release 6.12.1 to improve the default

Another reservation I have is that it's very difficult to pin down
techniques that work consistently over different OSs and hardware.
The best we can do is to document the techniques we know about, and
advise people to try a variety of things to see which works best.
Even that would be better than nothing, of course.

Does anyone feel able to make a start setting up a wiki tree for
parallel performance?  I'd be more than happy to contribute and review


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