Functions for builtin operators (?)

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Wed Apr 8 06:03:37 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Peyton-Jones <simonpj at> writes:

    Simon> Nowhere.  It's a name generated by GHC itself during
    Simon> compilation.

Is there some way to recognise what the function is?

The problem is with ESC/Haskell. I have managed to get the code
integrated into the 6.11 tree, and it works up to a point.

It produces output like:

    Len.pos does not satisfy its contract!
    Counter example: 
    Len.pos with argument(s) x
    (Inside _GHC.Classes.>_ ( tpl_B6 )) x ((GHC.Types.I# 0))

which is basically saying that it can't trust _GHC.Classes.>_ ( tpl_B6
) to do anything in particular, as it doesn't know anything about it.

So it would be good to add code that recognises these functions. At
best, to know the semantics of each one.

    Colin> | Where is a function with a name like the following
    Colin> defined in the ghc source | code?
    Colin> |
    Colin> | .Classes.>_ ( tpl_B6 )

Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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