newSession gone from GHC API

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Mon Sep 29 07:26:29 EDT 2008

>I just noticed that newSession has been removed from the GHC API.
>Unfortunately, this breaks nearly all examples on the web:
>Could someone fix those up, to show the new style of interaction? Also
>are the breaking changes to newSession in GHC 6.10, or only in GHC Head?

Thomas said he was working on a conversion guide, but
delayed by travelling:

Meanwhile, since you're somewhat familar with haddock, his
patches to port haddock to the new api may help (I used them
to figure out where to look for more info;). Or, if you prefer
smaller examples, have a look at

which I patched recently (diff below). Mostly, you'll be looking for
runGhc, dropping session parameters, changing dynamic flags from
String to Located String, and splitting checkModule into separate
phases (there's a class that simplifies access via the old record 
selector functions). Possibly other small things, like using liftIO to
do IO in the Ghc monads.


$ darcs changes -v -p 'new Ghc Api' | sed 's/\[_.._\]\[_._\]$//'
diffing dir...
Mon Sep 22 20:01:02 GMT Daylight Time 2008  claus.reinke at
  * adapt example to new Ghc Api
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 15
    +import SrcLoc
    +import MonadUtils
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 35
    -main = defaultErrorHandler defaultDynFlags $ do
    -  s           <- newSession (Just libdir)
    -  flags       <- getSessionDynFlags s
    -  (flags,_,_) <- parseDynamicFlags flags ["-package ghc"]
    +main = defaultErrorHandler defaultDynFlags $
    +       runGhc (Just libdir) $ do
    +  flags       <- getSessionDynFlags
    +  (flags,_,_) <- parseDynamicFlags flags [noLoc "-package ghc"]
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 40
    -    setSessionDynFlags s flags{ hscTarget=HscInterpreted }
    -    addTarget s =<< guessTarget source Nothing
    -    load s LoadAllTargets
    -    unqual  <- getPrintUnqual s
    +    setSessionDynFlags flags{ hscTarget=HscInterpreted }
    +    addTarget =<< guessTarget source Nothing
    +    load LoadAllTargets
    +    unqual  <- getPrintUnqual
    +    {-
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 50
    +    -}
    +    tcm <- typecheckModule =<< parseModule (mkModuleName modName)
    +    doSomething unqual tcm
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 63
    -        doSomething unqual cm = do
    -          let parsed            = parsedSource cm
    -              renamed           = renamedSource cm
    -              typechecked       = typecheckedSource cm
    +        doSomething unqual tcm = liftIO $ do
    +          let parsed            = parsedSource tcm
    +              renamed           = renamedSource tcm
    +              typechecked       = typecheckedSource tcm
    hunk ./examples/GhcApiSybTesting.hs 84
    -          maybe (putStrLn "no typechecked source")
    -                (printForUser stdout unqual . shown TypeChecker) typechecked
    +          printForUser stdout unqual $ shown TypeChecker typechecked

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