ANNOUNCE: GHC 6.10.1 beta

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Wed Sep 24 18:10:15 EDT 2008

Hi Paul,

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 05:02:28PM -0400, Paul Jarc wrote:
> Ian Lynagh <igloo at> wrote:
> > I'm confused. If the bootstrapping GHC uses a gmp from a non-standard
> > directory, then that directory should be listed in the "library-dirs"
> > field of the rts package.
> Running "strings" on the bootstrap compiler's lib/ghc-6.8.3/libHSrts*
> shows some references to the gmp include directory, but none to the
> library directory.  I can try rebuilding 6.8.3, keeping the build
> directory for inspection afterwards to see what's happening there.

    ghc-pkg describe rts
will show you library-dirs, amongst other things.

If that's the problem then you should be able to edit
/usr/lib/ghc-6.8.2/package.conf or similar, and add the directory to the
libraryDirs of the rts package entry.


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