-optl-s (strip) by default

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Sep 12 04:54:22 EDT 2008

> Hello glasgow-haskell-users,
> when GHC builds executable, it adds debug info by default. since this
> info is useless for Haskell and since it significantly increases
> executable size, will it be better to delete it by default by passing
> -optl-s option to the linker?
> another question: by adding " -optl-Xlinker -optl--large-address-aware"
> to cmdline we will allow mingw32-compiled programs to use up to 4gb
> of memory (instead of 2gb with current settings). now i have 4gb of
> memory+vista64 so can test this setting if required

You can also achieve this by making sure your deployed programs build
with Cabal,


No need to hack GHC's view of the linker.

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