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Mitchell, Neil neil.mitchell.2 at
Mon Sep 8 06:40:55 EDT 2008

Hi Claus,

> If I understand the implications correctly, one would need a three
point change to adapt properly:
> - sign the setup.ini file with a key, in place
> - put up a public key to check against, somewhere else
> - point setup.exe to the location of the public key
> Given that all we want are the dependencies (the package is empty),
this is starting to look ridiculous (one has to put in more
administrative information than one saves from not having to specify the
dependencies by hand..).

However, the dependency package is very useful, so if its not too much
work, it would be useful.

> Please remember to update the log on the wiki page when you succeed -
the value of this log comes from being
> applied from scratch (when just updating, it is easy to miss

I am keeping an up to date list of what I do and what works, so will
combine it in once I have a working build.



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