cross module optimization issues

pepe mnislaih at
Fri Nov 28 10:26:10 EST 2008

On 28/11/2008, at 15:46, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:

> The $f2 comes from the instance Monad (IterateeGM ...).
> print_lines uses a specialised version of that instance, namely
>        Monad (IterateeGM el IO)
> The fact that print_lines uses it makes GHC generate a specialised  
> version of the instance decl.
> Even in the absence of print_lines you can generate the specialised  
> instance thus
> instance Monad m => Monad (IterateeGM el m) where
>    {-# SPECIALISE instance Monad (IterateeGM el IO) #-}
>        ... methods...
> does that help?

Once Simon and Neil dig the issue and analyze it, the reason seems  
But this thread reminds of why writing high performance Haskell code  
is regarded as a black art outside the community (well, and sometimes  
inside too).

Wouldn't a JIT version of GHC be a great thing to have?
Or would a backend for LLVM be already beneficial enough?


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