Linking to Haskell code from an external program

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Wed Nov 26 09:29:27 EST 2008

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Dusek <jason.dusek at> writes:

    Jason> Colin Paul Adams <colin at> wrote:
    >> I've managed to solve it this morning. It was the way I was
    >> setting up argc and argv (badly) for the call to hs_init.
    >> Doing it properly means there are no longer any crashes with
    >> either Eiffel compliler.

    Jason>   What is the "bad" way to set them up?

Any way that doesn't conform to the specification, I guess.

So it was all my fault.
(I haven't done any significant C programming for at least 6
years. And I hate it these days.)
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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