Backspace/delete/history in ghci

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Mon Nov 24 07:28:27 EST 2008

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> writes:

    Simon> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> I can't use the backspace key, or arrow keys in ghci (6.10.1)
    >> as i would normally expect to on any program on Linux.
    >> Is this connected with the readline/editline/haskelline debate
    >> I have observed recently?

    Simon> You seem to be encountering an unusually severe reaction to
    Simon> the editline switchover.  What terminal type is this?

It's Terminal 2.22.2 - A terminal emulator for the GNOME desktop, on
linux (Fedora 9 64-bit).
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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