more issues

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Fri Nov 14 13:22:04 EST 2008

On Fri, 2008-11-14 at 12:09 -0600, James Swaine wrote:
> we tried that, but then we got this error: 

>         ghc: missing -B<dir> option

> which still looks to me like it's somewhat related to linking (the
> assumption was that -B is used for this sort of thing - linking to
> libraries in unusual directories).

The ghc -B option is not related to linking. The ghc program is actually
a shell script that calls the real ghc program with the -B flag to tell
ghc where to look for it's libraries and other config files.

For example my /usr/local/bin/ghc-6.8.2 is:

exec $GHCBIN $TOPDIROPT ${1+"$@"}

> but this option isn't listed in the ghc flag reference.

It's internal.

> that was when we decided to just install the editline package so it
> would be where it normally is (/usr/local/lib), but that got us back
> to the original error message.  ugh. 

I think what that did was add an extra error that you hit before this
one. On fixing that error you got back to this original error.

So it looks to me like your bootstrapping ghc is messed up. If it's not
getting the -B option then perhaps the ghc shell script is messed up.
Does your bootstrapping compiler work at all for other things?


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