Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Wed Nov 12 12:35:03 EST 2008

James Swaine wrote:
> That didn't work.  My editline build is in the directory
> /home/jswaine/libedit, with the actual library being in
> /home/jswaine/libedit/lib and the includes being in
> /home/jswaine/libedit/include.  So when I invoked the configure script,
> I did it like so:
> /.configure LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH$:/home/jswaine/libedit/lib
> CPATH=CPATH$:/home/jswaine/libedit/include
> But still for some reason I get the same error.  Am I doing this correctly?

use export:

 export LIBRARY_PATH=/home/jswaine/libedit/lib
 export CPATH=/home/jswaine/libedit/include

(and but your own path first)

Cheers Christian

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