could ghci debugger search for free variables better?

Peter Hercek phercek at
Tue Nov 4 08:43:13 EST 2008

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Peter Hercek wrote:
>> As for as the rest of the message. Those are possible bugs.
>>  If I can reduce them to few tens of lines of a test, I'll
>>  post the bug reports. I use Archlinux and the last (non-testing)
>>  version of ghc there is ghc-6.8.2. Do you accept bug reports
>>  against it or do you need them against 6.10.1rc1 only?
> Bug reports against 6.8.2 are fine, but if you can test against 6.10.1 
> that's even better (it might weed out bugs that have been already fixed 
> and thus save us some time).

Here it is (against 6.8.2):


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