6.6.1 vs 6.8.2 --- Re: large binary footprint ?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed May 7 17:20:22 EDT 2008

> I convinced myself that the ~500kbytes for the 
> 'hello' code is 'correct' in version 6.6.1.
> [ The exact size on the platform mentioned below
>   is 422k. ]
> Looks like version 6.8.2 blows up the binary code size
> significantly --- 3.9Mbytes vs 0.422Mbytes.
> Is this a known issue with 6.8.2 ?
> Is it a specific platform dependent issue --- i.e.
> does it occur on linux machines ??

That's platform dependent. It means on ghc 6.8.2 wasn't built with
split-objs enabled, so it includes a whole bunch of dead code 
normally stripped out.

Consult whoever built the ghc on your platform, to ensure
they know how to build with split objects.

-- Don

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