problem with concurrent port scanner

HP Wei hp at
Wed May 7 17:20:10 EDT 2008

I cut and paste the code from

And compiled the resulting portscan.hs 
with both ghc-6.8.2 and ghc-6.6.1
on a host with Sun-Sparc [SunOS 5.10].

Besides the issue of binary-code-size blow-up with ghc-6.8.2,
there is a much more serious problem with codes 
compiled from both 6.8.2 and  6.6.1.

Here is the output of two runs.

portscan a_remote_sun_sparc_machine 1 1000
portscan: internal error: getMBlock: mmap: Bad file number
    (GHC version 6.6.1 for sparc_sun_solaris2)
    Please report this as a GHC bug:

[ note: same result for 6.8.2 ]

portscan a_remote_linux_machine 1 1000
22 ssh
111 sunrpc
513 login
514 shell


Anyone knows this problem ?


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