Announce: HXQ: A Compiler from XQuery to Haskell

Leonidas Fegaras fegaras at
Mon Mar 24 17:01:19 EDT 2008

I would like to announce the release of HXQ: A Compiler from XQuery to

HXQ is a fast and space-efficient translator from XQuery (the standard
query language for XML) to embedded Haskell code. The translation is
based on Haskell templates. HXQ takes full advantage of Haskell's lazy
evaluation to keep in memory only those parts of XML data needed at each
point of evaluation, thus performing stream-based evaluation. This
results to an implementation that is as fast and space-efficient as any
stream-based implementation based on SAX filters or finite state
machines. Furthermore, the coding is far simpler and extensible since
its based on XML trees, rather than SAX events. For example, an XQuery
against the DBLP XML database (420MB) runs in 1.5 minutes.

You can get more information at:

Leonidas Fegaras
U. of Texas at Arlington

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