ANNOUNCE: GHC version 6.8.3 - Mac OS X, Intel/Leopard

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Wed Jun 18 08:22:39 EDT 2008

Ian Lynagh:
>   =============================================================
>    The (Interactive) Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 6.8.3
>   =============================================================
> The GHC Team is pleased to announce a new patchlevel release of GHC.
> This release contains a number of bugfixes relative to 6.8.2, so we
> recommend upgrading.

An installer package for Mac OS X, Intel/Leopard, is available at

The packages requires Xcode 3.0 to be already installed.  You can find  
Xcode 3.0 on your Leopard installation DVD (or at < 

IF you installed one of the pre-release packages AND the final release  
package doesn't install properly, just remove the pre-release first by  

   sudo /Library/Frameworks/GHC.framework/Tools/Uninstaller

(You can remove any other GHC installer package in the same way.)


PS: I will post instructions on how to create a PPC/Leopard installer  
package in the next few days (unfortunately, the 6.8.3 release tar  
ball is not sufficient).  Package creation does not currently work for  

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