Rebuilding ghc

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at
Thu Jun 12 16:58:34 EDT 2008

>>> Configuring editline-0.2...
>>> Setup: Version mismatch between ghc and ghc-pkg:
>>> /home/dom/ghc/compiler/stage1/ghc-inplace is version 6.9.20080606
>>> /home/dom/ghc/utils/ghc-pkg/ghc-pkg-inplace is version 6.9.20080612
> From the above error, I suspect that you need to run "make distclean"
> in the root of the source tree, then try building again.  (I usually
> run that command every time before/after pulling from darcs.)
> Let me know if that helps,
> -Judah

Ok but doesn't that rebuild everything not just the bits that have changed?

BTW it's still running.


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