Building ndp Problem

Roman Leshchinskiy rl at
Mon Jun 9 06:00:27 EDT 2008

Dominic Steinitz wrote:
> I think I have things working now but the "make" system seems to have
> problems. I followed the instructions here:
> but got the messages below.

Sorry, I haven't checked whether doing "make" works in the examples 
subdirectory for a while. However, "make <example>" ought to work, where 
<example> is dotp, smvm and so on.

In any case, the code and the build system are undergoing extensive 
refactoring at the moment. I hope this will work better once that's done.

> On the other hand this worked:
> ghc --make -o dotp dotp.hs -package ndp -i../lib -threaded

I would recommend using -Odph with the HEAD or the flags from if 
you want to actually run the programs; it's going to be really slow 

> Would you like me to raise a ticket?

For the moment, please just email or cc me about any NDP problems.


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