Mutually recursive modules

Richard Giraud richardg at
Thu Jun 5 17:46:22 EDT 2008


I've been doing some work with mutually recursive modules (MRMs).  I'm 
familiar with the section in the User's Guide on how to do this and have 
successfully worked with MRMs with simple dependencies.  However, I have 
created a set of MRMs that I can't seem to get to compile because of 
type issues.

I can get the code to compile by combining all of the modules into a 
single, monolithic module; however, this breaks the conceptual design 
that I'm going for.  I may also be able to break the modules into 
smaller pieces that will compile, though I'm not sure about this and it, 
too, would break the conceptual design.

Does the current {-# SOURCE #-}/.hs-boot scheme allow for compilation of 
arbitrary MRMs?  Or are there known cases where it doesn't work?  If 
there are cases where it doesn't work, are there other options?

Someone in Haskell Cafe mentioned that GHC 6.2 used a different scheme 
for MRMs (.hi-boot).  Is it still possible to use this?  Would it allow 
for compilation of arbitrary MRMs?

I can create a minimal case as an example, if it would be useful.



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