GHC 6.8.2 and large source files

Christian Höner zu Siederdissen christian.hoener at
Sun Jun 1 15:55:06 EDT 2008

Dear Haskell users,

we have an automated system that generates executable haskell source
files. These files have a line count from 1,000 lines up to 28,000
lines. There is only 1 type definition and 5 functions in total in the

We now can compile into executable code some of these programs but the
compiler requires an incredible amount of memory: the 15,000 line
programs easily require 2 GByte of RAM and then the compiler dies.

Are there hints on how to compile large source files? Would it help, for
example to compile each function on its own?

On the following webpage you can find a handcrafted program, albeit with
very few lines, that shows how one of our source files would look like:

We automatically generate type, algebras and the grammar for our

Christian Höner zu Siederdissen

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