Weekly IRC meeting?

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 04:07:49 EDT 2008

Thomas M. DuBuisson wrote:
>> Ian and I talked about possibly trying a different time - 9pm UK time, 
>> which would be slightly less friendly to us in the UK (I have my work/life 
>> balance to think about you know :-) but more friendly to people in the US.
> I, for one, am happy with the current time; changing it should always be an option though.
>> For this week's discussion, one topic on the table is whether to switch 
>> version control systems, which I'm sure will make for a lively debate :)
> Perhaps we could have an ever evolving wiki page with the
> when/where/agenda/logs.  I've started a rough one [1]; I put it in the
> general Haskell wiki because these topics certainly aren't confined to
> GHC.
> Thomas
> [1] http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Weekly_Meeting

Hmm, well I did intend these meetings to be focussed mainly on issues 
relating to GHC, rather than a general Haskell discussion which could be 
held on #haskell separately.

By all means start a more general Haskell meeting too, but I want to keep 
this one for GHC.  The VCS debate is about what system GHC should use, not 
the community as a whole.  The HLP discussion is on topic because it is so 
closely related to how we release/package/ship GHC.


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