Building libraries with ticky-ticky

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at
Mon Jul 21 03:55:56 EDT 2008

On 7/20/08, Andrew Hunter <ahunter at> wrote:
> Right--thing is, it seemed I was getting linker errors on compiling
>  the *libraries*--which seems weird, given that the libraries shouldn't
>  be getting linked, should they?  I'm not entirely sure this is what I
>  was seeing, so, well, not a huge consideration, but it does seem
>  weird.

That is indeed weird, and I don't know why that would be happening. It
didn't happen after you rebuilt in a clean directory, though, right?
(Or at least that's what you seem to imply below.)

> After removing "p" from GhcLibWays, which makes sense--the docs make
>  it clear we can't combine prof and ticky, though it also implies that
>  it maybe *should* work; might someone what to look into this?--this
>  worked great, thanks.  My tests are running nicely and giving what
>  seems like accurate data.  Thanks for the very helpful response.

I think combining prof and ticky might be nontrivial, because the RTS
has all sorts of conditional compilation in it that may be predicated
on prof and ticky being mutually exclusive. At least, it's not
something I would want to dive into implementing unless I had a good
reason, and after all, you can just recompile the same code repeatedly
with different options to get both prof and ticky results (although
that could get annoying.)

> Sweet.  Admittedly I'm not yet a GHC wizard, but I'd love to help out
>  by fixing this--do you have a rough idea of what would need to be
>  done, or what in fact is the current problem?

I'm not a GHC wizard either, which is why the code that's there
doesn't work so well. And I suspect that solving the problem will
require some build system hacking, which is an area I'm not familiar
with at all, so I can't give much advice about how to solve the
problem. You're welcome to try, though. I added a ticket at:
so if you make any progress, you should add a comment there.


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