Building libraries with ticky-ticky

Andrew Hunter ahunter at
Fri Jul 18 20:55:33 EDT 2008


I have some code I want to use ticky-ticky profiling on (if it
matters, I want some of the data ticky-ticky collects about frequency
of updates and related matters.)  However, I'm specifically interested
in the code running with some modificiations I've made to the RTS, so
I need to build GHC with ticky-ticky.

That in itself isn't hard--the documentation said to just run "make
way=t" in rts/, which seemed to work; but the documentation also said
that to get meaningful numbers, I should make sure to build the
libraries with ticky-ticky (which makes sense--I'm interested in the
same data whether or not the updates happen in a function from List or
one I wrote, &c.)

The documentation does *not*, however, say (anywhere I can find) how
to do this!  My natural guess was to go into mk/, and add
-ticky to GhcLibHcOpts, but that didn't work (regardless of whether I
had previously built a ticky rts, this produced a multitude of linker
errors.)  I also tried, on a lark, adding "t" to GhcLibWays, and this
didn't die, but I'm unclear if it...did anything at all, really.  I
see no way to really tell one way or another.

So, any help or advice on how to tell the GHC build system to build a
set of libraries with ticky-ticky profiling enabled would be greatly
appreciated. (FWIW, I'm not distributing anything, so it'd be more
than adequate for stuff to be broken for non ticky use, I just need to
build some test executables and be sure they're logging the right


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