Problem building on host machine when trying to cross-compile an unregistered build

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Jan 21 10:23:54 EST 2008

Jim Burton wrote:
> Truly sorry to bump this, but does anyone have any pointers about
> building the host part of a cross-compilation? I've tried to follow the
> wiki instructions and failed.

First thing to note is that bootstrapping from HC files has bitrotted in 
6.8.x, see  I've updated 
the wiki instructions to say this.  You should go back to 6.6.x, or be 
prepared to fix things...  I thought I remembered someone saying recently 
they were looking into getting bootstrapping working again, but I can't 
seem to find it now.

> On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 12:41 +0000, jb162 at wrote:
>> Hi, host machine is Linux i386 and the target is NetBSD alpha, ghc
>> 6.8.2. With the help of the list the first part (on the target) is done
>> and I'm building the compiler on the host -- when building rts I get 
>> "cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mieee"

It looks like this comes from mk/, which says:

ifeq "$(alpha_TARGET_ARCH)" "1"
PLATFORM_CC_OPTS += -static -w

So someone in the past thought it was a good idea to pass this option when 
compiling .hc files.  I can't tell you any more than that - perhaps just 
removing that line will get you going again.


>> What's this about? (I notice a couple of seemingly ignorable warnings in
>> the following, about missing gmpbuild and libHSrts.a. Is that relevant?)
>> Thanks.
>> jim at mowa624-jb162:~/ghc-6.8.2/compiler$ cd ../rts && make boot && make
>> gcc -E  -undef -traditional -P \
>>                 -DIMPORT_DIR='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts"' \
>>                 -DLIB_DIR='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts"' \
>> -DINCLUDE_DIR='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts/include"' \
>>                 -DDATA_DIR='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts"' \
>>                 -DHTML_DIR='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts/html"' \
>> -DHADDOCK_IFACE='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/libraries/rts/html/rts.haddock"' \
>>                 -DFPTOOLS_TOP_ABS='"/home/jim/ghc-6.8.2"' \
>>                 -x c -DGMP_INCLUDE_DIRS='' -DGMP_LIB_DIRS=''
>> -I../includes -Iinclude -DPACKAGE=rts -DVERSION=
>> -DPKG_LIBDIR='"/usr/local/lib/ghc-6.8.2"'
>> -DPKG_DATADIR='"/usr/local/share/ghc-6.8.2"' | \
>>         grep -v '^#pragma GCC' | \
>>         sed -e 's/""//g' -e 's/:[       ]*,/: /g' >package.conf.inplace
>> ../utils/ghc-pkg/ghc-pkg-inplace update - --force-files
>> <package.conf.inplace
>> Reading package info from stdin ... done.
>> /home/jim/ghc-6.8.2/gmp/gmpbuild doesn't exist or isn't a directory
>> (ignoring)
>> cannot find libHSrts.a on library path (ignoring)
>> Saving old package config file... done.
>> Writing new package config file... done.
>> ../utils/mkdependC/mkdependC -f .depend -I. -I../includes -DPROFILING
>> -DTHREADED_RTS -DDEBUG -Ihooks -Iparallel -Ism -Iposix -I../includes
>> -s debug -- -O -Wall -W -Wstrict-prototypes  -Wmissing-prototypes
>> -Wmissing-declarations -Winline -Waggregate-return -I../includes -I.
>> -Iparallel -Ism -DCOMPILING_RTS -fomit-frame-pointer -DNOSMP
>> -I../gmp/gmpbuild -fno-strict-aliasing    -- Adjustor.c Arena.c
>> Capability.c ClosureFlags.c Disassembler.c FrontPanel.c Hash.c Hpc.c
>> HsFFI.c Interpreter.c LdvProfile.c Linker.c Main.c Papi.c Printer.c
>> ProfHeap.c Profiling.c Proftimer.c RaiseAsync.c RetainerProfile.c
>> RetainerSet.c RtsAPI.c RtsFlags.c RtsMessages.c RtsStartup.c RtsUtils.c
>> STM.c Sanity.c Schedule.c Sparks.c Stable.c Stats.c StgCRun.c
>> StgPrimFloat.c Task.c ThreadLabels.c ThreadPaused.c Threads.c Ticky.c
>> Timer.c Trace.c Typeable.c Weak.c hooks/FlagDefaults.c
>> hooks/InitEachPE.c hooks/MallocFail.c hooks/OnExit.c hooks/OutOfHeap.c
>> hooks/RtsOpts.c hooks/ShutdownEachPEHook.c hooks/StackOverflow.c
>> parallel/0Hash.c parallel/0Unpack.c parallel/Dist.c parallel/Global.c
>> parallel/GranSim.c parallel/HLComms.c parallel/LLComms.c parallel/Pack.c
>> parallel/ParInit.c parallel/ParTicky.c parallel/Parallel.c
>> parallel/ParallelDebug.c parallel/RBH.c posix/FileLock.c posix/GetTime.c
>> posix/Itimer.c posix/OSMem.c posix/OSThreads.c posix/Select.c
>> posix/Signals.c sm/BlockAlloc.c sm/Compact.c sm/Evac.c sm/GC.c
>> sm/GCUtils.c sm/MBlock.c sm/MarkWeak.c sm/Scav.c sm/Storage.c 
>> ../compiler/ghc-inplace -optc-O -optc-Wall -optc-W
>> -optc-Wstrict-prototypes -optc-Wmissing-prototypes
>> -optc-Wmissing-declarations -optc-Winline -optc-Waggregate-return
>> -optc-I../includes -optc-I. -optc-Iparallel -optc-Ism
>> -optc-DCOMPILING_RTS -optc-fomit-frame-pointer -optc-DNOSMP
>> -optc-I../gmp/gmpbuild -optc-fno-strict-aliasing -H16m -O -H32m
>> -keep-hc-files -package-name rts -optc-DNOSMP -static -I../gmp/gmpbuild
>> -I. -#include HCIncludes.h -dcmm-lint     -c Adjustor.c -o Adjustor.o
>> cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-mieee"
>> make: *** [Adjustor.o] Error 1
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