Difference in binaries distribution of ghc 6.8.2

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at dfki.de
Mon Jan 21 04:27:04 EST 2008

Thanks for pointing this out, though I will not do anything about it.

I've used haddock-0.8 to build. (There was maybe a trac entry about
broken haddock links.)

The ghc team used some (odd) haddock version

I haven't tried using haddock, yet.

Somehow the documentation can be obtained separately. (I forgot how.)

Someone else from glasgow-haskell-users at haskell.org could tell you.

HTH Christian

Andrés Sicard-Ramírez wrote:
> Dear Cristian,
> Thanks for preparate the binary distribution of ghc 6.8.2 that uses
> libreadline.so.5.
> In this binary version, I have a different documentation in
> ../share/doc/ghc than in the binary version using  libreadline.so.4. For
> example, I do not have the source links in the libraries documentation.
> Are you aware of it?  Is it possible to do something to have the source
> links in the documentation?
> All the best,
> -- 
> Andrés

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