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Sun Jan 20 19:14:07 EST 2008

Hello all,

About two years ago, I wrote a web page for one of my projects, using
Network.CGI. I chose that over WASH because it had a simple interface
and I thought it would be more stable as a result. Now, Bjorn Bringert
has replaced the interface with a completely different one. There is a
cgi-compat, but it doesn't build with GHC 6.8.2. Does anyone know a
quick way to get my web page functioning again? Is there an early
version of Network.CGI (with the 'wrapper' interface) that still
compiles under GHC 6.8.2? I'm a bit reluctant to convert my code to
the new interface, because it will probably change completely again in
a year or so, and I'd rather not have to keep revisiting my project
and rewriting the web page... Anyway, I am attaching the source file.

Thanks in advance,


P.S. Sometimes programmers make a rule of changing the names of things
when they change the interface; this makes it possible to keep the old
interface alongside the new one, so code which depends on the old
interface don't have to change. Is there a reason why the Haskell
community does not adopt this practice? It seems that people are
always saying that there is a lack of manpower in this community,
perhaps that is an excellent reason to make *fewer* incompatible
changes, rather than more?

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