Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Jan 18 03:05:31 EST 2008

| > gmp is nice, it is really convenient. But someone needs
| > to completely clarify the license issues in that case, and
| > make it completely clear to all users.
| I completely agree that we need to document the situation clearly.

Although I hate discussing licensing (which is why GHC has a BSD license), this thread has been illuminating.

Would anyone who feels they understand the situation feel able  to write a few paragraphs explaining the situation, in a form suitable for a random user of GHC to read and understand?  If someone wants to know in a year or two's time, they *might* find this thread; but they might not.  A GHC wiki page would be ideal "Explanation of GHC's licensing".

Thank you!

(Meanwhile, we continue to welcome efforts to make the licensing situation simpler, by making it possible to do without GPL stuff in the core libraries, notably GMP and readline.)


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