Yitzchak Gale gale at
Thu Jan 17 13:48:59 EST 2008

Don Stewart wrote:
> on any system where an external libgmp is available, it will
> be dynamically linked into the generated haskell programs,
> and in-tree gmp isn't used at all (or compiled, or installed)

So on linux and *bsd, that should be fine.

On Mac OS X (as a special case of *bsd), we have that
framework thing. It is a real pain, and it also requires
the framework on any client machine
where you install your ghc-compiled binary. OK for the time
being, but it would be really, really good to be able to compile
ghc without gmp.

This idea of a Mac OS X binary with statically-linked
gmp is nice, it is really convenient. But someone needs
to completely clarify the license issues in that case, and
make it completely clear to all users.

What is the situation on Windows? Does the standard
GHC binary on Windows have dynamically linked gmp
for binaries produced by ghc?


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