readline package with libedit

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Wed Jan 9 17:13:41 EST 2008


I completely agree that, at the least on the Mac, using editline is  
the best solution (as long all necessary functionality is supported).

I am wondering, though, whether you are testing on Tiger or Leopard.   
When looking at the readline-emulation API of editline after upgrading  
to Leopard, I had the impression that it included much more  
functionality than it did on Tiger.


> On Jan 9, 2008 12:59 AM, Christian Maeder <Christian.Maeder at>  
> wrote:
>> By the way I've the following lines in my ~/.ghci
>> from
>> :m +System.Console.Readline Data.List
>> getCompleterWordBreakCharacters >>= setCompleterWordBreakCharacters .
>> Data.List.delete '/'
>> :m -System.Console.Readline Data.List
>> Does this work with libedit, too?
>> Christian
> Hm... It runs, but doesn't have any effect.  It looks like you need to
> use setBasicWordBreakCharacters instead of
> setCompleterWordBreakCharacters.  (ghci sets both, which is why I
> didn't notice this before.)
> Note that with my fix to #998 (sent to cvs-ghc), that hack should no
> longer be necessary.
> -Judah

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