GHC Core question

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Mon Jan 7 09:22:09 EST 2008


> How are you printing out the Core?

showSDoc $ ppr c

where c :: [CoreBind]

> It looks like the unique ids are
> missing (you can see them if you pass the -ppr-debug flag, which can
> be set using the API)

I have now set the -ppr-debug flag, but that has no effect. It's not
entirely surprising, as I guess setting the flag only applies through
the GHC session, and this code is being run outside that. How can I
print the output (to a file) using the unique id's?

> Simon Peyton-Jones says:
> CoreTidy makes the print-name unique too.

Can I invoke CoreTidy using the GHC API?



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