[Fwd: Re: Problem building hdbc-sqlite3 with ghc 6.8.2]

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller at gmx.net
Thu Jan 3 13:04:59 EST 2008

On 3-Jan-08, at 4:47 PM, Christian Maeder wrote:

> Hi,
> can someone explain the linking error below? (on Intel-Mac (Tiger?))
> Preprocessing library HDBC-sqlite3-
> Building HDBC-sqlite3-
> [1 of 7] Compiling Database.HDBC.Sqlite3.Consts ( dist/build/Database/
> HDBC/Sqlite3/Consts.hs, dist/build/Database/HDBC/Sqlite3/Consts.o )
> ar: creating archive dist/build/libHSHDBC-sqlite3-
> ld: atom sorting error for
> _HDBCzmsqlite3zm1zi1zi3zi0_DatabaseziHDBCziSqlite3ziTypes_CSqlite3_closure_tbl

To the best of my knowledge, this is harmless and can be ignored.  
Linking continues after this message is printed, and I haven't yet  
found any adverse side-effects.

The message is triggered (in Apple's recently-rewritten linker) when  
there are two or more labels pointing to the very end of a section in  
an object file. This sometimes happens when empty _closure_tbls are  
emitted by GHC; it's probably not too hard to prevent this from  



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