ghci feature request: partially read modules

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Feb 18 12:54:05 EST 2008

That's a fair suggestion.  (With the subsequent clarification about getting through the parser and renamer first.)

Would you like to check the open feature requests (in case it's there already) and add it as a feature request?


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| Subject: ghci feature request: partially read modules
| Hello.
| Here is one ghci feature that I find mildly annoying:
| If ghci (re-)reads a module that contains some error,
| then it considers the module loading as a complete failure,
| and at the prompt I get the Prelude environment.
| I'd like to have at least the import statements executed,
| and possibly the declarations that were error-free.
| That would help me in interactively debugging
| the erraneous part of the module.
| (Often the error is some type error, related to some imported entity;
| but when my module contains the error, then the imports are gone.)
| Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, then please educate me;
| or perhaps there's an easy way to implement partial reading
| and typechecking. (It'd be enough to have this for the "current"
| module, of course.)
| Thanks - Johannes Waldmann.
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