problems with ghc-6.8.2-powerpc-apple-darwin.tar.bz2 from GHC home page

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at
Thu Feb 14 06:17:48 EST 2008

Christian Maeder wrote:
> Could you create a ticket for this (or is there one already)?

There have been a few tickets, some still outstanding, about leopard powerpc 

> I'm
> willing to recompile ghc-6.8.2 with different options or patches on PPC
> Tiger, but even compiling via-C does not work (not to mention
> bootstrapping from hc sources).
> (Only few seem to be interested in getting PPC bugs fixed. Is this
> architecture dying out?)

I submitted a patch that went into ghc-6.8.x to help fix assembly code 
generation (to keey the new cursed 'ld' happy) on powerpc 10.5.x

Apple stopped creating and selling new PPC machines some time ago.  But I think 
nearly half of the running machines are still PPC.  But only people with 
previous PPC hardware who buy new OS X 10.5 and also want ghc-6.8 are getting 

> Cheers Christian
> Does ghc-6.8.1 or ghc-6.6.1 work on PPC leopard and can be used for
> compiling ghc-6.8.2?

The ghc-6.6.1 I had under 10.4 still works like a champ after upgrading to 10.5


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